We are Jack Gerard and Genevieve Barrere of Four Leaf Wood Shop. The shop began in April of 2015, when we moved to Ojai, Ca to give woodworking a try. We wanted to create something that was uniquely ours so we began carving spoons, spatulas, and knives to see what we liked and would use. With time we began adding more design into our items, trying to create something that was truly unique. Each item is hand carved with traditional carving tools, because of this, not one will be exactly the same. We use many hard woods, most commonly walnut, cherry, and maple. Each item is hand sanded and polished to shine. We finish all product with a seal of beeswax and mineral oil. Creating is what drives us forward everyday.  Being able to take designs from ideas to drawing and finally the finished product is what it is all about! We update our website one to two times a month or whenever we finish new items,  If you would like to keep up on our updates, we post frequently on Instagram where you can see everything we are working on! Thank you for stopping by!